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Downing Funeral Home

Whenever we encounter difficulties or loss of a loved one, we almost always turn to family for comfort and support. Family is the foundation upon which we build our lives. When a family needs a family, we are there.

Of the many decisions you make when planning a funeral, the first and most important is your selection of a funeral home. As caring neighbors to our area for over 100 years, we hope you will consider us as both a close advisor and a friend when you need us most.

The Downing family has been a part of the Bethlehem area community for many generations, so we understand what a special place it is. Over the years, our respect for family tradition, our concern for personalized service, and our attention to detail has meant the kind of caring that has set the standard for quality service throughout this area.

Our family and staff have many years of funeral experience; so no matter what your request, our experience assures you we will be able to fulfill your needs. Downing Funeral Home takes great pride in our community and we are constantly evolving and changing to serve you even better.

1002 West Broad Street | Bethlehem, PA 18018 | Phone: 610.867.5841